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In Allocadia, there are four sections within the Panel on the Activities tab including the Details; Metrics; Impact Modeller; and Alignment sections.

  • The Details Panel lets you view and edit your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), allowing you to run reports in Insights
  • The Metrics Panel contains different metrics configured for your Activity Plans, e.g. your Top-down Targets, and variance between Plan and Actual Spend, allowing you to view your metrics while planning your bottom up spend
  • The Impact Modeller Panel targets and tracks funnel assumptions at the activity level, tailoring conversion rates and MQL input by month or quarter to fit individual budgets and business outcomes to meet the demands of your organization
  • The Alignment Panel contains information about your alignment score and provides calculations as you make updates to your activity plans while ensuring your plan aligns with your strategic objectives

The sections in the panel will vary between organizations depending on the functions you have enabled.

You can access the panel in two ways:

  1. Opening the Details Panel
  2. Opening the panel from Performance Insight cards

Opening the Details Panel

  1. On the Activities tab, click the Details Panel icon in line with the marketing activity or grouping you would like to view details for
  2. The Details Panel will open from the right side
Tip: The name of the marketing activity or grouping appears in caps near the top of the panel, to help you keep track of which activity details you are viewing.


 Opening the Panel from Performance Insight Cards

The panel can also be opened from the Performance Insights cards, for viewing of additional info.

  1. On the Activities tab, click the Expand Icon in your desired Performance Insight card to view full details
  2. The Panel will open from the right side
Tip: When specific marketing activities or groupings are highlighted, the metrics may change to reflect highlighted areas.
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