Logo Size and Format


Allocadia’s Custom Branding option allows you to customize the header to meet your organization’s brand guidelines. However, there are certain requirements that need to be met when uploading your organization’s logo.

  • Ensure the file is a maximum width of 200px and maximum height of 36px. Allocadia will not upload a file that exceeds the maximum width and height, instead, you will get an error stating your file exceeds the size restrictions.
  • Ensure the file has a transparent background. If your background is not transparent, your logo will have a solid white block background in the header of your instance.
  • Ensure the file is in .png format. Saving it in any format other than .png will automatically turn the background a solid white color.
Note: Allocadia will save one logo at a time, if you re-upload your logo, the old file will be deleted.
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