Planning Methodologies



Allocadia provides several features that are tailored to helping the marketer execute their Bottoms-up Planning based on their Top-down Allocation. During your planning phase, we recommend that you consider the following factors: 

  • Plan out your Marketing Activities in Allocadia before your Fiscal Year starts so you have plenty of time to adjust as needed. Allocadia is a collaborative tool, by conducting your planning in the application, everyone on your marketing team can make changes in one centralized platform
  • Use Placeholders to hold amounts for activities that you don’t have the details for yet. Placeholders is a function in Allocadia that you can add to your Activity Plans, and holds a lump sum to be allocated when you have more details about your event
  • Create scenarios by using Scenario Tags: Scenarios enable you to quickly switch plans when your costs or top-down allocation fluctuate throughout the Fiscal Year. By having numerous scenarios in the event of a budget increase or decrease, you are creating a dynamic plan that allows you to be flexible and minimizes negative impacts
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