Using Allocadia to Calculate Currency


Multi-currency allows marketers from different global regions to enter marketing spend data in their local currency. When working with a vendor who operates in a different currency, you can easily convert values using Allocadia’s in-cell multi-currency calculation, avoiding the hassle of doing a manual conversion. Allocadia will perform calculations based on currency rates set by your organization.

  1. On the Activities tab, right-click the desired cell and select Set Multi-currency Value
    Tip: View cells that contained multi-currency calculations in the Activity Plans by using the Original Currency Filter
  2. Enter the Base Value and select your desired base currency
    Note: The Base Value is the local currency amount you want to convert. Once the base value and currency are entered, Allocadia will automatically convert the amount entered to the currency set for the specific Activity Plan you’re working in.
  3. Click Save and your value will be automatically calculated
    Note: The displayed converted value can change after it has been calculated, even if the base value has not changed. If the exchange rate used for the calculation is updated, the converted value will be automatically updated as well, even if the cell is in a locked column. However, this does not apply to PO/Actual data.


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