Copying Marketing Activities


Copying an item allows you to duplicate multiple marketing activities that need to exist in multiple Activity Plans. You can easily select which marketing activity you want to copy along with what aspects of that marketing activity you want to maintain across plans with our three options:  

  • Copy the marketing activity only 
  • Copy the marketing activity and its existing attributes 
  • Copy the marketing activity, its attributes and any cell values it contains 

The copying function and related options apply to copying Categories, Sub-categories and marketing activities/Line items. 

  1. Determine the Category, Sub-category or Line item you want to copy
    Tip: Choosing a Category or Sub-category will automatically copy the contents of that selection, including any items within it.
  2. Highlight the marketing activities 
  3. Right-click and hover over Copy Row 
    Note: When you hover over Copy Row, you will see it expand into three new selections in the form of a drop-down. These selections are: 

    Category Structure Only (Includes Line Items): This gives you the option to copy only the Sub-category along with any marketing activities it may contain.

    Category Structure and Attributes: This gives you the option to copy the Sub-category and its marketing activities along with any existing attributes in the Details panel.

    Category Structure, Attributes, and Cell Values: This gives you the option to copy the Sub-category, its Line items, attributes and any cell values the row may contain.

  4. Select the option you want to copy 
  5. Highlight the area you want to paste your marketing activity 
  6. Right-click and select Paste Row
    Tip: The copied selection will have “Copy of” in front of the original name. To rename the selection, double-click the marketing activity/Line item and enter the new name.

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