Amortizing PO's


Marketing costs can often span across several months, whether it be from annual subscriptions or contract work, making it difficult to reconcile Purchase Orders (POs) with originally planned spend. Allocadia allows marketers to input a PO and split the amount across months, quarters and even years. Creating multi-period POs saves you time and effort from having to enter each one manually.

  1. On the Activities Tab, click the Panel icon in line with your desired Marketing Activity
  2. On the Details Panel, click the PO Panel icon
  3. On the PO Panel, Click the Add Purchase Order button
  4. Fill out the details of your PO, ensuring the PO Type: Date Range button is selected. Enter the start/create and end date for the range of the PO to amortize it across that period
  5. Click the Manage Amortization hyperlink
    Note: To split the amount evenly, click the Amortize Equally button. If you wish to manually define the amount amortized to each period, click on the field for your desired period and enter the amount. If the date range selected covers periods that are not in the current fiscal year, you will see Previous FY and Rollover Amount fields appear. Enter the amount that was allocated to the previous year, and the amount that will be rolled over to the following year.
  6. On the Manage Amortization for PO page, click the Save button
    Note: The Amount Remaining shows the amount of the PO that has not yet been assigned to a month or quarter.
  7. On the Add Purchase Order page, Click the Create button
    Note: You will not be able to click Create until the full amount of the PO is assigned.
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