Setting Metrics


Metrics can be displayed within the Performance Insights in your Activities so your marketing team is aware of the current status of their Plan, Forecast and Actuals as they track their investments over the year.

Note: The Metrics card displays top-level information in Activities. Click the Expand icon on the Metrics card, to view additional details on the Metrics side panel. To hide the Performance Insights, select the Hide Insights button.
  1. On the Home tab, click on the Master / Custom settings in line with your desired Folder or Sub-folder
  2. Navigate to the Columns tab under Template Setup
  3. Select Rollup panel from the Manage for: drop-down menu
  4. Click the +Add New button, select Currency (non-calculating) and complete the required fields on the right-hand side to create your Metric
  5. Navigate to the Page Layout Tab and press the up-arrow button for the desired Metrics under Add into Budget to move them to the top section of the list
    Tip: To remove items from your Performance Insights Metrics card, click the down arrow in line with the corresponding Metric
    Note: Any changes to the Views are global will affect all users, you cannot customize Views on an individual user or role basis.
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