Adding Recurrent Costs


Often costs such as subscriptions, ongoing newsletters, and SEO services are recurring throughout the fiscal year. Allocadia allows you to input these recurring costs in your Plan columns to track how these costs affect your Top-down Allocation while ensuring you stay on target. If you are dividing costs across several months, Allocadia can assist with simple operations such as in-cell calculations or copy and paste your cell values for improved entry.

Use Allocadia as Your Calculator

Add, subtract, multiply or divide in the application – all without opening a calculator.

  1. On the Activities tab, click on the cell where a calculation is desired
  2. Enter your in-cell calculation with the following formula: = number (+,-,/,*) number e.g. =15*30
    Note: If you enter an incomplete calculation or have an error in the formula syntax the cell will be outlined in red, and the calculation will not be complete. The box will be outlined in green after you have entered a valid calculation.
  3. Press Enter or select out of the box and your total will automatically be calculated
    Note: Allocadia does not record the formula, so once the calculation is complete there is no way to see the original equation.

Duplicate Cell Entries for Recurrent Costs

  1. On the Activities tab, locate the marketing activity you would like to add recurrent costs for
  2. Click on the cell and copy the amount by right-clicking and selecting Copy
    Tip: You can also copy the amount by using the keyboard shortcut key Control/Command and C.
  3. Add the recurrent costs by pasting the amount in the corresponding cells by right-clicking and selecting Paste
    Tip: Using the keyboard shortcut key Control/Command and V also allows you to paste the amount.
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