PO Splitting: One Unmapped Purchase Order to Multiple Activities


Purchase Order (PO) Splitting is the ability to split POs received via Import (or entered manually) across multiple activities in Allocadia. 

  1. On the Home tab, navigate to the Map Screen by clicking the hyperlink in the PO Column
  2. On the Map Screen, highlight the specific PO line within the panel that you wish to split
    Tip: Optimize your view of the PO Panel by adjusting the width of columns in the panel. This will allow you to see more columns onscreen in the panel.
  3. Select Split at the top of the map PO screen
    Tip: When mapping and searching for a specific PO, you can sort the POs for quick viewing by selecting any of the column headers at the top of the panel. If you do not find the PO you are looking for, use the drop-down menu at the top of the screen and search another batch. The drop-down menu contains batched imports done on different days, toggle between these to find the desired PO.
  4. To manage the split select Add Location
    Tip: You can make adjustments to any split percentage by clicking on the Split % column for any given allocation.
  5. Add locations until the PO is correctly split over all activities
    Note: You can only split POs across activities in Activity Plans that you have access to. If you need to split POs across an Activity Plan which you do not have access to, contact your Administrator. 
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