Managing Forecast Status Tags


Forecast Tags in Allocadia allow marketers to clearly identify the state of the investment they are planning to make for their marketing activities. Common status tags include Forecast, Committed and Occurred. Reporting your accruals and understanding where you have additional investment to use has never been easier.


  1. On the Home Page select Master / Custom Settings in line with the Activity Plans you wish to make the changes for
    Note: You can adjust the Forecast Tags for a specific Activity category, but it will affect your reporting if you do not have consistency across your Activities
  2. Navigate to the Tags & Scenarios Tab under Strategic Planning to view the existing tags for your Forecast
    Note: The naming and number of tags could vary based on your organization’s setup
  3. Enter the new Tag in the text box and select its colour by clicking on the coloured box. Click Add when complete to create the Tag


  1. On the Tags & Scenarios tag, hover over the Tag you would like to edit
    Tip: The Tag will be highlighted in grey with a star, pencil icon, coloured box and an X.
  2. Click on the pencil icon to edit the name or double click into the Tag.
  3. Click on the coloured box to change the associated colour.
    Tip: To change the Default Tag hover over the desired Tag and click on the star icon.


  1. On the Tags & Scenarios tab, hover over the Tag you would like to delete
  2. Click on the X icon to delete.
    Note: If you delete a Tag that is currently in use on a budget the value tagged will automatically change to the default tag


  1. On the Tags & Scenarios tab, click on the Sort A->Z or Z->A buttons below the text box
    Next Steps: Once you have made the necessary changes to your Forecast Tags the changes should now appear in your Activity Plans.
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  • How to I set a tag on a line item?

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  • Hi Urs, you can use the Forecast Status Tags in the Budget grid in the Forecast column. First enter in your forecast value, then click on the bubble tag beside the value to change the tag. See Tracking your Forecast Using Tags for more info.

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