Inviting Users to the Hierarchy


In Allocadia, users can only access workspaces they have been invited to. Administrators can easily control which users have access to view or edit different budgets, allowing for a more streamlined workflow and accountability of workspace collaborators.

  1. On the Home tab, click the Invite hyperlink under the Manage Users column in line with your desired Folder, Sub-folder or Activity Plan
  2. On the Invite menu, enter the user’s email address
    Note: The user will receive the invitation and any subsequent password reset emails to this address, therefore, ensure the email address chosen is the user’s primary email address.
  3. Select the desired User Role at the selected level of the Hierarchy
    Note: When a user is invited to a Folder or Sub-folder the invitation can include all the Sub-folders and Activity Plan within the selected Folder or Sub-folder. The invitation can be for the Folder or Sub-folder only for users who don’t require access to any financial budget data.
  4. In the Invite Subject text box, type a custom subject line for the invitation email, and write an invitation message to include in the email.
    Best Practice: We recommend adding an action and a deadline to the message encouraging users to register and login to Allocadia. For example - Please review the Q2 Targets by end of (DATE). The invite link will expire after 72 hours.
    Note: The Send email to invited user option is selected by default. By deselecting this option, the user will receive access but will not be notified. If the user already has access to the Hierarchy, they will see the added level of access when they login to Allocadia. Users may receive multiple invitation emails if they are being invited to multiple levels of the Hierarchy. To avoid sending users with multiple invitation emails, you can send them one invitation and deselect the Send email to invited user checkbox for the remaining invites. The user will be able to see all areas they have access to when they log in.
  5. Click Invite.
    Note: To receive a digital copy of the invitation email yourself select the Send copy to myself checkbox.
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