Defining User Roles


Users in Allocadia can hold different roles at different levels of the Hierarchy. This allows different people in the organization to hold multiple roles according to the organization’s policy or business needs. As each user can access only what they were given permission to, this avoids others from looking at confidential or restricted data or making unwanted changes to financial data. A summary of the capabilities of each user are listed below:


Inviting Users to an Activity

  • If a user is an Editor at the Activities level, they still may be restricted from doing things such as importing POs/Actuals or Deleting items depending on the permissions set by your Administrator at the Master Settings level.

Inviting Users to a Sub-folder or Folder

When a user is invited to a Folder or Sub-folder the invitation can include all the Sub-folders and Activities within the selected Folder or Sub-folder, or the invitation can be for the Folder or Sub-folder only. Use cases where organizations might want to use this option are as follows:

  • Aggregated Target / Financial info is tracked at the Sub-folder roll-up panel. If users need to see this information they are invited to the Folder and/or Sub-folder.
  • POs or Actuals come into the Folder / Sub-folder level and need to be manually mapped down to the Activity Plan/Marketing Activity. If the user is responsible for this mapping they will be invited to the Folder or Sub-folder. 
  • Settings, such as Columns, Fields, Views, etc. are managed at a Folder/Sub-folder level. If the user is responsible for managing these settings they will be invited to the Folder/Sub-folder as an Administrator.
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