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Associating your users’ Allocadia activities with relevant attributes can play a crucial role in building relevant reports for your business, and in mapping your Allocadia data to data sources from other systems. In such cases, you’ll want to ensure the fields on the Details panel are completed by marking those fields as required. This means a user cannot complete creation of an activity without completing those fields. Making a field 'required' creates a visual indicator by making the Details Panel icon red when there are incomplete required fields.  When the required data is entered, the panel will go from red, to grey.

  1. On the Home tab, click the Master Settings hyperlink in line with the Folder you wish to make a field required
    Tip: You can also make a field required in an individual Sub-folder by clicking the Custom Settings hyperlink in line with that Sub-folder. The Master and Custom Settings only appear in the Folder and Sub-folder level.
  2. Navigate to the Column tab in Template Setup section on the left.
  3. Choose and highlight the field you wish to make required under the list of field names.
    Tip: You can make finding the relevant field easier by using the Manage for filter or by using the Search box.
  4. Once the desired field is highlighted, click the Required button to make that field required.
    Tip: You can also check the Required checkbox on the right side once the desired field is selected.
    Best Practice: Try to balance the need for required fields with ease of use for your users. The more required fields you have, the more work is required to add new activities. We recommend only making fields required if absolutely necessary for reporting or integration.
    Note: When a Field entry is no longer required, you can reverse the need to have users make entries by following the above steps and selecting the Not Required button or checkbox once the desired field is selected.


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