Taking a Snapshot


Plans are constantly changing due to shifting priorities, fluctuations in top-down allocation, unexpected costs and more. Allocadia gives you the ability to preserve a record of how those plans have changed with the Snapshot feature. Seeing how your quarterly Plan is shaping up mid-way through the month and capturing what your plans were before fluctuations occurred ensures that you don’t lose data and provides insight into the planning process for your team.

  1. On the Home tab, click the Master/Custom Settings hyperlink in line with your desired Activity Plan
  2. Navigate to the Columns tab, under Template Setup on the Settings page
  3. Highlight your desired column and expand the right-hand panel for full details
  4. Select the green Take Snapshot hyperlink at the bottom of the panel
    Note: A new column will be created with the default name “Column Name” Snapshot. This can be renamed as needed. Snapshot columns should be locked to prevent further updates. To view your Snapshot you must add it to a view.
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