Differentiating between Master Settings and Custom Settings


Allocadia is highly customizable in nature, which allows for flexibility in setting up your organization’s instance. The Master and Custom Settings allow you to configure different functions for either the entire Hierarchy or a specific group business unit or country. Master settings are global settings and apply to all areas of a single Hierarchy within Allocadia. In comparison, Custom Settings are settings specific to Sub-folders within a Hierarchy.

Master Settings

Master Settings are the high-level global settings where features are turned on and configured within Allocadia. Changes made to Master Settings will affect all Activities in the entire Hierarchy. However, there may be instances you want to configure different features or tweak set-up for a specific Sub-folder, examples of these use cases are as follows:

  • If your Sub-folders are organized by region, you may want to add specific components for different regions’ Activity Plans if the KPIs they are tracking vary
  • Admin permissions in Allocadia vary for flexibility and security purposes. Users can only see the Activity Plans they have been given access to and can be designated as an Admin at different levels of the Hierarchy. This flexibility allows different regions or cost centers to avoid accessing financial data they should not be seeing. Being an Admin of a Sub-folder allows for adjustment of the Custom Settings according to different regional, or departmental needs.

Custom Settings

The Custom Settings option appears at the Sub-folder level. Changes made from the Custom Settings level will affect all the budgets in that specific Sub-folder only and are limited in the scope of options as compared to Master Settings as follows:

  • Currency: The Currency cannot be adjusted from the Custom Settings level, as Master Settings already has the option to set custom currencies for each Activity Plan. This makes for a more streamlined and efficient process so the user does not have to go into every single Sub-folders' Custom Settings if they wish to make default currency changes
  • Strategic Planning: As with Currency, options in this section for the entire Hierarchy are displayed in Master Settings. This again allows for a seamless process by centralizing all the options in one place to avoid hours of manual entry
  • Workflow: As with the previous rationale, all Activities in the Hierarchy are listed for both these two tabs in Master Settings
  • Connectors: Connectors can only be accessed from the Master Settings level as there needs to be an exchange of data from the entire Hierarchy for the Connectors to function properly
  • Configuration: Preferences are set up for the entire Hierarchy to centralize and avoid confusion amongst users

For more information or advice on how to adjust your Master or Custom Settings, contact Allocadia Support or your Customer Success Manager.

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