Scheduling Imports


The Scheduled Imports functionality allows customers to set up an automated schedule from an FTP or SFTP server for importing POs and Actuals on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

  1. On the Home tab, click the Import History icon in line with the Folder, Sub-folder or Activity Plan (formerly Budget) where you would like to schedule an Import to.
  2. On the Import History and Schedules pop up window, click the Schedules tab.
  3. Click the New Schedule button.
  4. On the Add Scheduled Import pop up window, fill in the details for your schedule and the FTP location where you will be pulling the files from.
  • The Username must have read + execute permissions in the directory in which the file path points (i.e. if the file path is/home/allocadia/uploads/*.csv the user must have read + execute permissions to /home/allocadia/uploads). The Username must also have read permissions for all files within the directory.  
  • The File Path should be the location of the files to be imported when the schedule runs. The File Path can include wildcards * and ? in the file name.
  • If there will be multiple Scheduled Imports ensure there is a different file path for each schedule. This will ensure the correct file is imported when the schedule runs.
  • An empty File Path will result in all files being retrieved from the home directory and a File Path ending in / will result in all files in that folder being imported.
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