Making your Reports Viewable in Allocadia


Upon initially creating a report and validating the data in the GoodData portal, you will want to make the report visible for others to consume. This allows others to quickly and easily view targeted information in the form of reports and improves ease of collaboration.

Making a New Report Visible

  1. On the Report Tab in GoodData, select the Create Report button and create your Report as desired
  2. Click the green Create button when you have finished building your Report
    Note: When you initially create your report in the GoodData, it will only be visible to you. There will be a blue banner in the top right-hand corner of the report that states “This report is hidden. Only you can see it.”
  3. On the Create Report pop-up window, select the Visible to all users checkbox in the Visibility section. This will allow all users to view this report when they are in the Insights Tab (formerly Analytics) of Allocadia
  4. Click Create to confirm. Your report will appear in the Reports Tab.

Making an Existing Report Visible

  1. On the Reports Tab in GoodData, select the report you would like to make visible
    Tip: To navigate to the Reports Tab in GoodData, click the desired report on the Insights Tab in Allocadia and press the Edit button.
  2. On the Report page, open the Options drop-down menu and click Settings
  3. On the Report Settings pop-up window, check off the Visible to all user’s box in the Visibility section
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