Hierarchy Mapping for Reporting


When creating Reports, the Hierarchy can be used as a filter to create Reports specific to Folders, Sub-folders or marketing activities. To split reports by Hierarchy attribute, the user needs to understand how the Hierarchy structure maps to the folder tier system used in GoodData.

On the Home tab, the folder structure of the Hierarchy relates to the folder tier structure in Allocadia.

  • Gooddata Folder Tier 0 – Is always the Master FY year folder
  • Gooddata Folder Tier 1 – All top-level subfolders in the hierarchy
  • Gooddata Folder Tier 2 – Any nested folders within the folder tier 2 Subfolders
Note: Not all Hierarchies have complex structures spanning more than a few tiers. For more info specifically on how to create your own Hierarchy maps, contact Allocadia Support.
  • Activity Name - The Activity Plan is the only non-folder where all data entry is done in Allocadia.

Activities Tab Category Structure

Similarly, Folders on the Activities tab can be filtered in the same way as the Hierarchy in Gooddata with a category tier system. The Categories align with the Category, Sub-category and Line Item buttons. 

  • Gooddata Category Tier 1 – Category button
  • Gooddata Category Tier 2 – Sub-category
  • Line item – Line Item or marketing activities.
Note: For more specific info on how your Budgets map, contact Allocadia Support.
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