What is an Integration, and Core Integration Use Cases


What is an Integration?

An Integration is the incorporation of an external data set into your planning and budgeting data inside of Allocadia. Allocadia has extensive integration capabilities across a wide range of marketing technologies and other systems. Benefits of each type are outlined below:

Integration Use Cases:

Spend Control

As the source of truth for marketing plans and investments – the “I” in ROI” – including actual spend data from ERP, procurement, and accounting systems help paint a complete, real-time picture for marketers. The result: better control over investments, more agility, and more independence.

Systems: Oracle, Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Intacct, SAP Ariba


Reduce data duplication, standardize around a single taxonomy, and streamline cross-functional collaboration by triggering actions in other systems including procurement, project management, CRM, and marketing automation.

Systems: Salesforce, Oracle, Wrike, Workfront


Use Allocadia’s powerful built-in analytics and reporting capabilities to link your investment data to results from CRM, marketing automation, and other ‘Do Marketing’ systems to measure impact including cost-per-lead, campaign, and tactical ROI.

Systems: Salesforce, Oracle, IBM Marketing Cloud, Marketo

External Analytics

If your organization uses an external analytics or business intelligence platform, you can export Allocadia data and create the visualizations you need there

Systems: Salesforce, Tableau, Datorama, Power BI, GoodData

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