Locking Plan Columns


Locking the Plan column provides the marketer with a reference point to the original Plan. This allows users to understand how Actual spend throughout the year compares to the planned spend at the beginning of the year. Once the Plan columns are locked, the Forecast column will be used to revise the original plan to reflect the most up to date anticipated spend.

Note: When columns are locked at the end of the planning phase, they become read only and cannot be deleted. The names for Categories, Sub-categories, and marketing activities/Line items can be adjusted, and the Details Panel fields and Scenario Tags can still be updated. Only the values in the locked columns cannot be updated. You can still add new Categories, Sub-categories, and Line items/Activities as needed throughout the year. Only input type columns can be locked.  
  1. On the Home tab, click on the Master Settings / Custom Settings hyperlink in line with your desired Folder or Sub-folder
  2. Navigate to the Columns tab in the Template Setup section on the left
  3. Select the Plan columns you would like to lock under the list of column names
    Note: You can search for the desired Plan column by name or type using the Search Bar.
  4. Click on the Lock button and use the drop-down menu to choose your desired permissions. Once you have made your selection, you will see a check mark appear in the lock column indicating that it has been locked. In Activities, the column will become read only and a lock will appear in the column header name.
    Note: When locking Plan columns, you'll notice the following options from the drop down sub-menu:
    - Lock for Everyone - Nobody can adjust that locked Plan column, this includes Owners and Admins
    - Administrator Level and below - Only users with Owner level permissions can adjust locked Plan columns
    - Editor Level and below - Only users with Owner and Administrator level permissions can adjust locked Plan columns
    - Editor Data Entry Level and below - Only users with Owners, Administrator and Editor level permissions can adjust locked Plan columns
    These names can change according to the different roles configured for your organization


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