Allocadia Packages (Prior to July 1, 2019)



Allocadia offers three different packages to fit your team’s marketing needs: Invest, Align, and Optimize. These packages offer cumulative capabilities that will help you develop increasingly sophisticated marketing performance management practices.

  1. The Invest package includes a platform for creating bottom up plans across the marketing organization and strategic planning to provide alignment with team and corporate objectives.


    Benefits: Get out of spreadsheets and into a more robust, scalable, and standardized marketing planning platform. 


  2. The Align package offers investment management that ensures greater alignment and collaboration with Finance and Sales.


    Benefits: Upgrade your MPM capabilities with precise revenue planning, and improved control over actual spend.


  3. The Optimize package sets the foundation for action-oriented insights across your organization for optimal Marketing Performance Management (MPM) enablement


    Benefits: Connect all of your core marketing performance systems – from plans through to campaigns and sales – and close the loop on strategic and tactical ROI. 

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