PO Splitting: Identifying a PO Split


Purchase Order (PO) Splitting allows you to associate a PO amount amongst multiple marketing activities. This provides a more granular and precise view into your actual spend with the ability to break down and associate your POs to the exact activity. By determining a PO Split, you can see where your amounts have been allocated for later reference.

Determining a Split from the Map PO Screen on the Home Tab:

  1. On the Home tab, navigate to the PO map screen by clicking the mapped hyperlink in the desired PO Column
  2. On the Map Screen, highlight your desired PO line
  3. Select the Split button to view your split and allocations
    Tip: Alternatively, you can also view if a PO is split from the Split % column on the Map Screen.


Determining a Split from within the Activity Plan:

  1. On the Activities tab, navigate to the PO Panel by clicking the Roll-up panel icon beside the desired marketing activity and selecting PO from the side panel
  2. Highlight the PO line for which you would like to see the activity split percentage
  3. Select Edit Purchase order button
    Note: You can also determine the Split % Column in the PO Panel, if enabled, for quick viewing.
  4. If PO line is split between multiple activities the answer to the question - is this PO split? will have the “YES” button selected
    Note: If the answer to the question - is this PO split? is NO, the PO and its amounts are not distributed between activities but are stored in Allocadia against one marketing activity.
  5. To view the allocation of the PO split, select Manage Split. This will open the Manage Split for PO page
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