PO Splitting: One Purchase Order to Multiple Activities from the PO Panel


Details related to each PO split can be viewed in the PO panel. There you will be able to see the PO and related details, as well as a column to view allocation of a split as a percentage, and a tooltip to view Currency. To see the detailed view of all PO/Transaction amounts for an Activity, the PO panel must be opened. 

On the Manage Split for PO page, there is information on the number of activities and locations the PO is split across, including the Activity Plan, Category, and Activity of the split allocation and the split percentage. From this page, you can do the following: 

Add PO split Location

  1. On the Manage Split screen, select Add Location. This will add a line to adjust the allocation
  2. Select the Activity Plan for which the split will be associated
  3. Determine a Category from the drop-down by clicking on the Category cell
  4. Choose the Activity from the drop-down by clicking on the Activity cell
    Note: An activity cannot be chosen without first selecting the appropriate Category to which the activity belongs. Once a Category is selected a drop-down menu will show the associated Activities from which to choose. 
  5. Enter in the split percentage for the new association
    Note: At this point, you may notice the total allocation percentage may equal more than 100%. If this is the case, you will need to adjust the split percentage for all other Activities until the total allocation equals 100% across all activities. This is done simply by overwriting the percentage number in the Split % column for each Activity.
  6. Continue to add locations until all Activities that require splitting are present that require a split. Click Done when complete


Change PO Split Percentages

  1. Make adjustments to any split percentage by clicking on the Split % column for any given allocation by clicking on the split percent column and adjusting the split percentages
  2. Select Done when complete
    Note: All split allocations need to total 100% if a total allocated is greater than 100%, Allocadia will not allow you to save your entries.

Remove Allocations from a PO Split

  1. Locate the Activity you would like to remove from the PO allocation on the Manage Split Screen.
  2. Click the red x in-line with that activity
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