Utilizing Scenario Tags


Scenario Tags helps solve the “What-if” scenarios in planning. It allows for brainstorming of what to do when possible budget increases and deficits occur within a fiscal year, usually during fiscal year planning or when budgets are revised. Marketing activities in Allocadia can be tagged with a Scenario Tag to help the marketer adjust their budgets and prioritize their activities so they are prepared for changes to their target. For example, adding a conference or an event if additional budget became available, canceling or revising an event for less costly options or eliminating some of the nice-to-have extras.

  1. On the Activities tab, highlight your desired Marketing Activity
    Best Practice: Do not delete Activities with scenarios even if the scenario is not realized. This can help provide additional context and serve as a reference point for next year’s scenario planning.
  2. To the left of the Activity, click the circle to select the scenario menu
  3. Select your desired Scenario Tag from the drop-down list
    Best Practice: All untagged activities are considered the “planned” Activities against the original budget target. Scenario tags can be used for ‘would be nice’ items if there was extra budget and for new events/campaigns if additional funds became available.
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