Importing Into a Multi-Select Field


When planning your marketing spend, there are certain costs that need to be split across multiple Marketing Objectives to be aligned to the organization’s corporate goals. Allocadia's multi-select field allows marketers to split the allocation of costs over multiple options in a field. 

  1. In your import document, locate the column that will be importing into the multi-select field
    Note: When importing into an Activity Plan that has a multi-select field, ensure the multi-select column in the import document is formatted correctly to recognize the aggregation of the field options. If you are unsure if the formatting is correct, contact your System Administrator or Allocadia Support.
  2. Format the inputs to reflect the multiple options and weighted percentages
    Note: Allocadia recognizes Option, %, as two options in the multi-select field. For example, you would format your column as Brand Awareness, 50.0::Lead Generation, 50.0. However, the multi-select field allocations must equal 100% otherwise the Import will fail.
    Tip: Input options must match the Multi-select field options exactly. Any variation in spelling, symbols, or otherwise will cause duplicate options to be created.
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