Editing Import Templates (Flash)


Import Templates in Allocadia assist in quickly transferring data from your Finance system into the application by remembering your identifiers and requirements for data imports. These Import Templates are fluid and can be modified as needed, allowing you to be flexible and streamline the data transfer process.

  1. On the Home Tab, highlight your desired Folder, Sub-folder or Activity Plan
  2. Click the Import button and select your desired option from the drop-down list
    Note: Edits to an Import Template must be done during an Import.
  3. On the Import page, select your desired file and the Import Template you would like to edit
    Note: A list of the templates that were created at this folder, sub-folder or budget level will display in the drop-down menu. They will be sorted into two categories:
    -My Templates- These are templates that you created. They will be shared with other users that have access to this Folder, Sub-Folder or Activity Plan level. You are the owner of these templates
    -Shared Templates- These are templates that other users have created
  4. Click Next and assign your spreadsheet fields to your corresponding Allocadia Panel Fields. Your fields will be assigned. Review the assigned fields and confirm they are matched properly. Select your Data Format and click Next
  5. Identify your Duplicate Matching Fields if applicable and review that the fields selected are correct. Click Next
  6. On the Import mapping window, the rules that were applied when you created the template will be applied automatically. Adjust your Import Rules as desired
  7. Click the Apply Rule button
  8. Click the Import button and select your desired option from the drop-down list
    - To create a new template and have original template remain click Import and Save Template As...
    - To save the modified template click Import and Save
    - To import without saving changes to the template or creating a new one click Import
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