Exporting Activity Plans/Budgets


A copy of budget data can be exported from Allocadia via the Export drop-down menu on the Activities tab. Exporting your marketing spend data allows you to take everything in your Activity Grid and take it out of Allocadia. This allows you to easily present your data to non-Allocadian users or integrate it into other systems.

  1. On the Activities tab, click the Download icon next to the search bar
  2. Select your desired export option from the drop-down list
    Note: You can only export data from one Activity Plan at a time. Data export options include:
    - Export to Current view: This will export only the data that is displayed in your current View to an Excel spreadsheet (.xls). The order of your columns in the export will be the same as the order of the columns in your View.
    - Export to All fields: This will export all of the data in your Allocadia account to an Excel spreadsheet (.xls). The order of your columns in the export will be based on how your columns are listed in the Customize > Columns page.
    Tip: Simply drag-and-drop the order of your columns in the Master Settings > Columns page to change the order of your export. 

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