Release 74 Notes


  • Bug Fix on Metric Cards. Cards are updated when you switch page layouts
  • Editor is now able to un-map a PO
  • Impact cards display is more optimized and set up by default
  • Improvement on the connector functionalities
  • Cell value hierarchy logically optimized for end-user workflow
  • The SFDC connectors column name “Contact ID” changed. If you are having troubles with the SFDC connector reach out to support
  • The BI Export of PO and Actual Data no longer has a rare, life debilitating bug that would export null data, all data will be properly populated now going forward
  • Any change to the user profile will be shown right away, Bam!
  • When importing a new Owner, this will give the new Owner access to all Budgets right away
  • Actuals and PO Panel fields will not be displayed as Drilldown Currency options
  • No more console errors when clicking the copy details link button in the details panel, yay!
  • Sometimes when you're canceling an import, a message appears that is ambiguous and wrong, we have made sure this no longer shows up.
  • If you are a user of our Public API we are continually improving this tool, recently no more 401 errors when there is a capitalization in the API call for a username.
  • Calculation column is more intuitive; you can clear a calculation formula and save
  • Invalid split PO can't be bulk mapped even though this split PO is overridden
  • Firefox users are now able to scroll through a large grid on the PO/Actual Map Panel and User Management – previously there were some problems doing this on this browser
  • The red border doesn't display for required multi-select fields in details panel
  • Hey Admins! You can now invite another user to a Budget which you the admin don’t have access to.
  • Dependencies are improving, invalid values are not wiped after moving item to another category
  • Custom import field unique ID Rules are matching every possible item they can in the Hierarchy, regardless of where the PO (or Actual) is being imported! You're welcome.
  • Who likes UI padding? Well if you do you might have noticed it was missing from the import details dropdown, not anymore.
  • Safari was causing some headaches with Text cut off and no tooltip for Year drop-down for Analytic Reports, we have fixed this and sent a little you’re welcome note to the Apple engineers.
  • The audit trail is now showing decimal numbers in scientific notation consistently.
  • Looking at the import History for POs and Actuals, you will not see the new location name when the actual name is edited if the PO or Actual is mapped to a category or sub-category.
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