Importing New Data into Existing Activities



Allocadia allows you to update your marketing spend data in real time so users can view the latest expected costs. Marketing spend data can also be updated in bulk to make the process easier and more efficient by importing new data into an existing Activity Plan.

  1. On the Activities Tab (formerly Budget Tab), click the Export Button next to the Search Bar, select Export All fields for Import
    Note: This is ideal if you have POs or Actuals attached to the Activity Plan. If there are no POs or Actuals attached it may be easier to delete the existing Activity Plan and start fresh.
  2. Open the Excel document and update your data as required. If you delete any data from the document, it will be removed from the budget upon import.
  3. On the Home Tab, click the Import button and select Activity Plan from the drop-down list.
  4. On the Import Activity Plan window, select the Activity Plan that you would like to import, fill in the required fields and then click Next.
  5. Map the spreadsheet column headers to the Allocadia column headers and select Update / Append data using matching ID for your Import Options 
    Note: If your information is not showing properly, cancel the import and make sure your spreadsheet matches the importing requirements.
  6. Complete the rest of the import process, and click Import.
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