Understanding Approvals


Approvals is a feature that allows Marketers to submit Marketing Activities for approval by a designated member. Marketers can easily create activities and send them for approval when required.  At a quick glance, Marketers can view the status of their requests on the Budget Grid. The coloured bar in line with the cell value identifies which activities require approval and will change based on the status of the approval. 

Planning – The orange bar indicates that the Plan or Forecast value the submitter entered into the corresponding column has not yet been submitted for approval, and the activity is still in the planning phase. By default, all new values entered have the planning status.

Pending – The purple bar denotes the submitter has sent the Plan or Forecast amount for approval, and the request is pending. When the amount is submitted for approval, the cell value becomes read-only and changes to the Pending status.

Approved – The green bar confirms an Approval. The request has been accepted by someone with access to approve and the cell remains read-only. A change request can be made if needed, however, the approved amount will only be updated if the change request is accepted. Otherwise, the approved amount will be displayed with a status of the pending change.

Denied - The red bar indicates the amount requested has been denied and needs to be adjusted accordingly before resubmitting.

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