Impact Modeller


The Impact Modeller helps marketers see how their activities are expected to impact revenue goals across a range of activities, allowing marketers to begin the process of syncing budget priorities with business outcomes.

The Impact Modeller is a widget within the Activity tab that illustrates the impact of marketing activities based on the target number of interactions (top-funnel leads) converted using your organization’s funnel assumptions. You can target and track funnel assumptions at the budget level, tailoring conversion rates and MQL inputs either by month or quarter to fit individual budgets and business outcomes by the marketing department or business unit to meet the demands of your organization.

To Open the Impact Modeller: 

  1. On the Activity tab, click on the Panel icon in line with the desired marketing activity
  2. Select Impact at the top of the side panel
    Tip: If applicable, choose the desired top of funnel metric to change the results in the Impact Modeller.
    Note: If you have Performance Insights enabled for the Impact Modeller, you can view a summary of impact or open the widget from the cards by selecting the arrow in the bottom right of the card.
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