Allocadia Release 75

Allocadia Release 75 – July 16, 2017

This release includes additions and improvements in the following areas:

  1. Configurable Roles: The ability to have greater flexibility with user permissions in Allocadia.
  2. Roll-up Panel Redesign: The roll-up panel on the Home Tab will now display on the right side panel for consistent design across the application.
  3. Small Changes, Big Wins:
    • Row Selection Persistence
    • Access Details Panel in Group by Filter View


1. Configurable Roles

Allocadia’s new Configurable Roles feature allows for additional permissions to be set for Administrator, Editor, and Editor – Data Entry only roles, enabling more detailed roles and permissions to be created to align with your organization’s internal processes. You can now have roles such as Marketing Activity Editors who can only create or edit activities within the budget grid, preventing users from accidentally deleting any sensitive financial data.

With this new feature, the possibilities are endless. The ability to configure provides greater control over the specific permissions that users at every level can have. For example, you can now configure an admin role who can only invite or edit users but would not have access to back-end settings. This enhanced precision for role permission definition allows for greater flexibility for marketing organizations of all sizes.



Figure 1: Configurable Roles Interface


2. Roll-up Panel Redesign 

The Roll-up Panel has been redesigned from a pop-up window to a side panel, extending from the far right of the application so it no longer covers your Hierarchy. This makes it faster and easier to switch Roll-up views between different budgets to input, compare or adjust targets. This change also comes will a cleaner layout that matches the Details Panel formatting to ensure consistency across the application. This saves you time and effort, allowing you to easily modify your budgets as desired.


Figure 2: Roll-up Panel


3. Small Changes, Big Wins:

Row Selection Persistence 

Never lose your place again when tracking your marketing spend with our new default row enhancement! Previously when you deleted a marketing activity from the budget grid, you would be pulled back up to the top Grand Total row, causing you to have to scroll back down. Now after an activity is deleted, the next available row is automatically selected, saving you time and effort, allowing you to keep working without interruptions.

 Access Details Panel in Group by Filter View

The group by filter view sorts your marketing activities based on the attributes that have been assigned in the Details Panel. With our new release, the Details Panel icon is now accessible when the filter view is turned on, allowing you to quickly view and adjust the details of your marketing spend with ease.


Check out the Release Notes here.


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