Release 75 Notes

An overview of the list of bug fixes completed with this release:

  1. Improves handling of cost data with Marketo connector
  2. Improves Analytics refreshing process in cases with specific connectors
  3. Inserts a new Line Item in the correct location while in Group By mode
  4. Improves Analytics refresh
  5. Updates column choices after a new Folder is created
  6. Fixes Admin Audit
  7. Fixes the Reset Password link for specific Allocadia instances
  8. Removes an unnecessary error in the public API
  9. Resolves an issue with manual refresh with specific connector
  10. Improves data quality with numbers involving long trailing decimals
  11. Enhances performance of Audit Trail loading time
  12. Creates consistent styles for different column types
  13. Improves Workflow form handling in cases that involve dependent fields
  14. Reduces memory consumption of BI Export
  15. Improves Feature Flag behavior when enabling a second feature
  16. Fixes legacy connector to timeout when waiting for a long response
  17. Improves behavior of Group By when changing selected group choice
  18. Accurately logs errors under the correct user in case of scheduled sync
  19. Fixes application loading on IE11
  20. Improves the consistency of Displayed Settings for Configurable Roles
  21. Removes blank data for Configurable Roles after duplicating a role
  22. Improved replacement logic for replacing on Import
  23. Fixes an error in Move operation when moving a budget without move permissions
  24. Shows the correct options on the Budget Context menu for users with limited access
  25. Fixes an issue with blank values appearing under Configurable Roles
  26. Updates MySQL configuration to improve performance
  27. Improves the UI to display default flag column icons in the Map Panel
  28. Resolves issues with access to Currency Settings page
  29. Fixes support link in Welcome dialog
  30. Fixes issue with duplicate actual Amount & Date fields when creating a new Email Action
  31. Fixes view rollup behavior to display the correct budget values
  32. Updates the framework to avoid throwing warnings for specific server calls
  33. Removes unnecessary error when adding a comment for master category in group by view
  34. Displays New Features page as expected
  35. Improves scheduled imports in cases where no data exist on import
  36. Improves loading time of Import/Export page
  37. Fixes security of user passwords in cases of scheduled requests in plain text
  38. Improves Refresh when a hierarchy is connected to projects on different versions
  39. Fixes issue with Disabled owners to be marked as disabled in Edit User view
  40. Removes error when new drop-down choices are added with existing choice name when sorted a specific way
  41. Removes a string reference to deleted budget item in ImportablePO
  42. Fixes PO import at the root of a hierarchy when duplicate line items exist in more than one budget
  43. Centers Email/Password entry box on login page in window sizes less than 1266 pixels wide
  44. Improves Audit create query to quote budget ID
  45. Creates consistency with disabled dropdown background when with other disabled column types
  46. Aligns the Change Password link under Schedules
  47. Creates UI consistency with the "Welcome" pop-up button and the rest of the UI
  48. Fixes UI issue in cases where user is scrolling the page while a drop-down or multi-select list is open

Check out the Release 75 Product Announcement here

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