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The Home tab is your access point for all marketing activities. On your first time logging to Allocadia, you will be automatically taken to the Home tab. Here you can view the details of your Hierarchy, including roll-up views of your activities for aggregated totals, see who you’re collaborating with, and what currency you’re working in among other features.

The Hierarchy Structure Explained

Hierarchy - The Hierarchy is the foundation of your budgeting and planning in Allocadia. It is the organization of Folders, Sub-folders and Marketing Activities and often reflects your marketing team's organizational structure. This structure is permissions based, allowing you only to see areas of the Hierarchy that are relevant to you.

Viewing Aggregate Activity Plan Totals on the Home Tab

View Roll-up - The green view roll-up hyperlink takes you to the Activities tab (formerly Budget tab) and shows a high-level aggregate overview of the Sub-folders and activities within. Switching between Views using the Show me drop-down changes the type of data displayed, so you can view marketing spend data organized by quarter, plans or other desired options. You can also export this view to a pdf file.

Accessing your Activities 

Go to Activity Plan hyperlink  Clicking the green go to activity plan hyperlink takes you to the Activities tab for the specified Activity Plan. This is where the marketers will manage their marketing spend.

Viewing Top Down Allocation

The Roll-up Panel is where you track details such as financial targets that relate to the specified Folder, Sub-folder or Marketing Activity. Targets can be set at the different levels of the Hierarchy and can be defined annually or quarterly. The Audit Trail, allows you to view every action performed in Allocadia that relates to the specified Folder, Sub-folder or Marketing Activity executed by every user. It is also accessed through the Roll-up Panel. 

Viewing User Roles

Clicking on the User icon allows you to see a list of all users who have access to that level of the Hierarchy and what role they hold. You can easily see who you will be working with to plan marketing campaigns.

Identifying Budget Currency

Currency - Allocadia accommodates multi-currency hierarchies. Marketers can Plan and Forecast in their local currency and this will roll up to a master level Activity Plan Currency. The Currency columns on the Home tab show the master level currency for that specified Activity Plan.

Mapping PO’s and Actuals

POs and Actuals – When Allocadia is unable to identify certain items from an imported PO or Actuals file, these items will automatically be placed in a high-level bucket on the Home tab and can be mapped to their individual Line Items by users. All unmapped items are located in the POs and Actuals columns on the Home tab. You can map these items by clicking on the Mapped hyperlink in line with your desired budget.

Note: You can also split POs from the mapping screen on the Home tab.

Viewing Import History

Import History – This feature shows you a list of all PO and Actuals Import files that have been brought into Allocadia at the specified level of the Hierarchy. This list contains details of which items were mapped, unmapped, replaced or considered duplicates as well as the option to review scheduled Imports.

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