Managing Formulas for Calculations

Calculated columns are formulas used for automatically calculating the combined total values of other columns or fields through addition, subtraction, multiplication, and/or division. Values in calculated columns are updated in real time as marketers track their marketing spend. In the activity plan, a calculated column will show a calculator icon beside it. This article shows how to edit formulas.

Prerequisite: You have created a column or field of type Calculation. The field or column is opened for editing in the settings, see Editing Columns and Fields.

  1. On the Field Details panel, click the Edit Formula hyperlink inline with the Formula field.
    The Edit Formula dialog is displayed.
  2. Edit the formula: Select the required data and operators (+, -, :, *) in the selection lists. For example, if you want to calculate the sum of the plan data in the first quarter, specify this as follows:
    Use the purple + button to add, click the purple x button to delete data. In case you want to edit a new formular, click Clear Calculation.
  3. Click Save to store your edits.

You entered or adopted the formula.

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