Highlighting Columns in Activities Grid

Allocadia allows you to freely create columns and fields and display them in different locations according to your needs. Depending on your requirements, this may result in an overwhelming number of columns being displayed in the Activity Grid. To help users maintain an overview even in extensive views, you can highlight the most important columns in color.

Note that this function is only possible for columns that are created in the Activity Grid. Also, the coloring of the column is displayed in all views where the column is used.

Best Practice: Consider your users’ experience when creating colored columns. The effect of highlighting is weakened the more colored columns you use in a view. We recommend highlighting only the most important columns that are relevant to most users and in multiple views.
  1. On the Home tab, click the Master Settings or Custom Settings hyperlink in the Edit Settings column, depending on where the column was created.
  2. On the Settings page, select the Columns tab.
  3. On the Columns tab, find and click the column in the Activity Grid for which you want to set the color.
  4. In the Field Details panel on the right side, click the square in the Color row.
  5. Set the color of the column in the displayed dialog: enter the hex value of the color in the field or select one of the suggested colors. If you want to clear a set color, click the x in the hex-value field.
  6. Click outside the dialog.

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