Release 67 Notes

Major Enhancement

Impact Modeller – plan with confidence!
Every marketer wants to know they’re investing in the right activities. The upgraded Impact Modeller (formerly known as Revenue Performance Planner) lets you plan with confidence and drive the results you want. Based on a few key inputs, it shows you the aggregate impact you’re likely to generate.

First, you configure Impact Modeller according to your organization’s sales stages, related conversion rates, and typical deal size. Then you set the top-of-funnel expected result for each activity (e.g. MQL). Impact Modeller does the rest, projecting your total sales results right next to your main planning workspace in the budget tab.

You can now assign different conversion rates at different stages for different business units, geographies, and/or activity types to reflect granular historical results (for example if your trade shows convert differently than emails). You can also now assign different top-of-funnel expected results by month or quarter, allowing for much more accurate planning.

Impact Modeller is a key component of Allocadia’s ROI measurement capabilities, designed to help you go from basic budgeting through to measuring real results. If you aren’t yet taking full advantage of this part of our platform, ask your Customer Success Manager how you can. Or you can read our blog post, The Path to Performance Series Part 2: Applying the Marketing Investment Framework to Results.


Other Enhancements
Easier multi-select (affected Feature: Details Panel)
We’ve added a search function to multi-select lists to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. We’ve also re-engineered multi-select and drop-down lists so they load faster. Drop-down lists can now show up to 300 items in the view pane. The list will be broken out into multiple panes if there are more than 300 items.

More flexible import (affected feature: Purchase Orders and Actuals)
You can now map imported purchase orders or invoices using any field, not just PO or invoice number. This gives you more flexibility and also eliminates the need to map multiple source line items to multiple Allocadia line items manually. Save time and effort with more accurate data mappings!

Improved transparency (affected feature: Audit)
Any changes made to budget currency, exchange rates or drill-down exchange rates will now be recorded in the audit trail.

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