UX Changes for Release 69: A New Allocadia Takes Flight


Allocadia has some shiny new updates in Release 69! We have made some exciting style changes, giving Allocadia a more modern look with more white space, an updated color scheme, and some icon changes. We have also made some functional updates to Column Settings making it quicker and easier to manage. And that’s just the beginning - we have some more exciting updates coming in October and December. Stay tuned for more info!

We know it’s a lot of change, but we know you will LOVE it!

Let’s take a deeper dive into the R69 updates.


Phase 1: The Transformation Begins!


The first stage of our redesign focuses mainly on styling and a few tweaks that make life easier: 



Style Update


It’s a fresh new look at Allocadia - with colors better aligned with our brand. A look you’ll love.





Icon Changes

This is where we get into the nitty-gritty details of the change and highlight some of the areas that have been changed for better usability!



Category, Subcategory and Line Item Icon Changes


If you have long lists of line items nested into neatly organized categories and you’ve been longing for a quick way to tell the difference between a category, a subcategory, and a line item, this change is for you.

We have added a visual indicator for the line item!  This small arrow before your line item name indicates this is an entry row, where you can enter plan, forecast and other entries on the budget grid, for marketing activities and tactics. In contrast to the category and subcategory rows, which show a folder and an open folder respectively.



Details Panel Icon


We have replaced the “diagonal arrow” icon with a sleeker looking grey panel icon, which will open up the details panel when you click on it.




Grand Total Row Icon

The "diagonal arrow" has been replaced with budget grid icon, which will open up the budget panel when you click on it.




Required Fields

If required fields are a widely used feature in your organization and you are accustomed to looking for the red arrows to identify which line items or marketing activities still require details panel entries, the new panel icon has the same functionality as the red arrow-green arrow system. Now when required detailed entries are missing, the new panel icon will be red. If all required entries have been entered, the panel icon will be grey (as above).



Forecast Status Tags


Allocadia’s Forecast column is fundamental to managing your budget as it allows you to keep your budget up to date and communicate the status of your marketing spend without relying on the financial system or any outside data. As changes occur simply tag your marketing activities accordingly.


We have cleaned up the forecast column by adding more white space and placing the tag and its corresponding color neatly to the left of the forecast entry. Your organization can still choose the tag colors. 





Scenario Tags

The Scenario tags allow you to brainstorm for multiple scenarios, such as an increase or decrease in your budget and tag those marketing items not yet a definite part of the plan.


In the past, this tagging system would create a colored tag icon beside your activity. We have streamlined our design for consistency and now rather than a tag, you will see a small colored circle beside you marketing activity, similar to the forecast status tags.


Scenario tags allow a level of sophistication and creativity in the planning process, but still allows for some personalization - your organization can still choose the colors that best represent each scenario tag.




Keep Track of Where You Are on the Budget Grid


Knowing which cell on the budget grid you are in is key to avoiding accidentally adding budget amounts to the wrong marketing activity, so we have bolded the entry row to help you keep track!





Easier Access to our Support Team!


Being able to help you make the most out of Allocadia is important to us, so we have made it easier for you to contact us. You can now contact support directly from the header bar.

Don’t forget to login to the Support Portal to access our user guides and historic support tickets. To make it easier we recommend using the same username and password as your Allocadia login.



For Owners and Administrators - Changes to Column Setting


This change is going to make you smile and save you lots of time! The Columns Settings in Master settings has been redesigned to make columns and fields much easier to manage.



Manage by Location


No more time spent scrolling through the long list of ALL the columns and fields in the system as you can now manage columns and fields by location, making it easier to manage individual sections of the application.







We have added the ability to search for a specific column, increasing efficiency with tasks such as locking columns.




Filters: An Advanced Search


Further refine your search by Filtering on required fields, or locked columns. If the Workflow or Approvals features are enabled for your organization you will be able to filter for columns related to those features.




Bulk Actions

Lock multiple columns, or make multiple columns required by bulk selecting columns and choosing your actions with the purple buttons at the top of the screen.   












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