Allocadia UX Upgrade - Fall 2016

The most popular apps - personal or business - excel in one of two areas: utility or user experience (both if they’re really good). Your banking app may not be that much fun to use, but it sure saves you a lot of time and effort. Similarly, Instagram, YouTube or Facebook may not solve essential life challenges or make you a better person, but they offer tremendous social and emotional value and are pretty fun to use.

We want Allocadia to deliver both, offering great utility and a great experience so your job gets easier and more fun. As makers of a data-centric application, we’re deeply committed to pursuing a design path that keeps things simple even as we make Allocadia more powerful. 

We’ve worked hard on utility over the past few years, and now it’s time to focus on your daily experience with Allocadia. To this end, our upcoming product releases will focus on both designs with an updated user interface, and on interaction with improvements in key areas of the application.

But we know change can be hard. That’s why we want to ease you into Allocadia’s new look and feel. 


Part 1: The Transformation Begins Sept. 18

The first stage of the UI redesign focuses mostly on a style update with the addition of more white space, a modern and readable font and colors that align better with our brand. As a fellow marketer, we know you’ll notice :). We kept the core layout and functionality the same (with the exception of column settings - see below) so you’ll still be able to do things the way you always have! Please note that although we haven’t changed functionality, we have changed some of the icons you’re used to seeing.

We’ve also made it easier to access support features and general settings through their own link on the top ribbon.

Before Sept. 18:


After Sept. 18:


Also included in Part 1, we’ve changed how administrators interact with column settings in Allocadia (one of the highest traffic areas in our platform for this user type). Over the years, we’ve added so much functionality there that it was time to take a step back and re-assess how we could make the experience better. The end result is a more natural and intuitive way to add, edit, delete and maintain your column settings. This helps our internal teams get our customers up-and-running even more quickly as well help those customers who do their own configuration and who are managing changes throughout the year.

Watch the release video for details.

Part 2: Enhanced Budget Tab Experience

In our October and December releases (we’ll let you know exactly when before it happens), we will introduce a range of user interaction changes in the main budget tab. It won’t be a total redesign - the focus is on helping budget owners build their plans and do forecasting more quickly and more efficiently so the business of marketing can be managed more effectively.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s coming in these releases:

  • Oct. 24: The Details panel will move to the right of the budget grid instead of as a pop-up. You will be able to keep it open as you navigate through different lines in your budget, making it a lot easier to get your work done
  • Oct. 24: Easier access to filtering options, with separate buttons for Search, Forecast tags, Approvals, and Scenarios (if enabled)
  • Dec.: The Budget Measures, Alignment Score, and Impact Modeller will move from the right side panel of the budget grid to above it, putting these vital data points in full view as you build and manage your plans


Utility and user experience: the two pillars of successful apps, and the perpetual focus of our development efforts. With your guidance, we will continue to make Allocadia more powerful while also making it easier and more enjoyable to use.

To see these changes up close before they go live, watch the overview video here. Starting Sept. 9, all users will be notified of the upcoming changes when they log in. Feel free to share this page with your users before then if you wish.



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