UX Updates Phase 2: Enhanced Budget Tab Experience

Release 70 (October 23, 2016) continues to improve your daily experience with Allocadia through improvements to your budget tab experience. Navigating the budget tab and doing your job just got a lot easier, more fun with a lot fewer clicks. That’s the power of increased utility. 

The second stage of our redesign focuses on improved function:



Details Panel

We've moved the details panel to the far right side of the application so it no longer covers your budget grid. You can also keep it open while you move between line items and budgets, making it faster and easier to apply changes and updates. The details panel also has a cleaner, more modern layout that matches the overall style upgrade that began in September. This will save you time and allow you to modify your budgets with greater ease, with one view for all marketing activities.

Clicking on Actuals, PO, and Audit (where applicable) will open another window next to the details panel, over the budget grid. 


Allocadia ID: Notable in the new details panel is the location of the Allocadia ID, which is now at the top of the panel (see highlight below).






Expanded Filters and Search

Allocadia's filtering capabilities now use more natural language and have moved to the top of the workspace alongside the budget navigation area. We've broken out the different filtering options for quicker access, and we've created a stand-alone search function that's no longer embedded in the filtering function.




Views Dropdown Menu:





Filter Dropdowns:


Filter dropdowns have changed from a single filter menu to independent filters.







The search feature has a new location directly on the budget grid making it easier to inquire about your spend. Previously, it was nested in the filter drop-down menu.





The Zero Dollar Row


 If you want to filter your view and deselect any activity that has a zero dollar value, you can now do so by selecting the cog to the right of the screen. 






Budget Breadcrumbs

A brand new feature – the Budget breadcrumb trail allows you to easily see the fiscal year root folder and path to the budget you are working in, directly on the budget tab.


This feature makes it easier to see where you are in the hierarchy and navigate to the parent folder to see the roll-up view, without having to maneuver back to the home tab.

Remember, in Allocadia the Budgets are your workspace for entering marketing activities and related data. In comparison the parent folder allows you to see a roll-up view which provides high-level aggregate totals for all budgets within the folder, simply allowing you to work on monthly or quarterly reconciliation without switching tabs!






The export button has a new look!

Within the gear icon you can find options that include:

          • View the $0 Rows
          • Export Current Views
          • Export All fields
          • Export All fields for import



As a special bonus, we've also added the ability to copy and paste the details panel URL to your clipboard to make it easier to bookmark and share with others. 

Watch this short video to see these changes up close (this video includes changes from Release 69 as well).

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