Marketing Performance Insights Dashboards

Insightful, Actionable View of your Data

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but when it comes to marketing performance insights, the right picture is priceless.

Allocadia's analytics dashboards were designed to form the ground up to help you better understand what's happening with your plans and results so you can #runmarketing more effectively. They are the product of many rounds of consultation and feedback with customers and industry experts and are built to deliver clear insight and guidance relevant to different stages of budgeting and marketing execution.

You'll be able to quickly answer questions like: 

  • How are bottom-up investment plans matching up against top-down targets? Where are they out of alignment?
  • Are we investing sufficiently and in the right mix to achieve our stated business objectives?
  • How should I attribute credit for leads, opportunities, and revenue across our various activities, and what is their related ROI?
  • Which business units, product lines, and campaign themes are achieving their target ROI and which aren't?

The dashboards come in 7 neatly packaged looks, all with the same basic structure for easy navigation and quick referencing. The dashboards are:

  1. Investment Planning
  2. Investment Planning Health Check
  3. Investment Tracking
  4. Investment Tracking Health Check
  5. Pipeline Planning
  6. Pipeline Tracking
  7. Tactical ROI

Each of these dashboards (except Tactical ROI) include the following components:

  • Summary
  • Mix (by objective, product, audience, tactic, etc.)

We've surfaced the most relevant data and incorporated semantic language to make these dashboards easier to read and use. We've also included guidance on what to do next to make full use of the data as you manage your investments and plan your impact.

Check out the screenshots below to see the new dashboards up close and personal.

Investment Planning (Summary view)

At-a-glance view of how your plan compares against your target, who's ahead and who's behind in their planning efforts.

Investment Planning Health Check

Quickly check the level of detail completion of your plans, as determined by tagging and required fields in the details panel. Use this dashboard to determine the true validity of other reports - the more complete the Health Check, the more reliable the other data.

Investment Tracking (Mix view)

See how your investments are categorized relative to your goals and objectives, including purchase stage, target market, product, persona, and type.


Investment Tracking Health Check

As with the Investment Planning Health Check, This dashboard reveals the extent to which your budget holders have filled out all required fields and tags in the details panel.

Pipeline Planning (Health Check view)

The Health Check view shows you how thoroughly your team has completed the required classifications and attributes for their budgets. The example below shows the extent to which marketers have used the Impact Modeller to calculate estimated revenue from the various activities they're planning.

Pipeline Tracking (Summary view)

Use the Pipeline Tracking dashboard to monitor progress toward revenue goals, and to identify where your efforts may be falling short. Note: this dashboard uses data from your CRM system.

Tactical ROI (attribution) 

Figuring out which activities drive buyer behavior is vital to understanding the impact of your marketing efforts. But it's a complex question, very much dependent on which question you're trying to answer. Our Tactical ROI dashboard answers these questions clearly and succinctly:

Which activities are best for initial awareness? (First Touch)
Which are best for creating opportunities? (Last Touch)
Which are best for keeping prospects engaged and interested? (Multi-Touch)

Note: The Tactical ROI dashboard requires data from Salesforce CRM.

Our analytics dashboards:

Marketing performance insights for delivering maximum impact


Talk to your Customer Success Manager today to discuss how you can add these dashboards to your analytics view.

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