Release 71 Notes

  1. Disables line item option when mapping Actuals to a Hierarchy Subfolder through Bulk mapping
  2. Fixes Move line item and delete budget operation to not create duplicate unmapped actuals
  3. Resolves error when opening Analytics on EU server
  4. Improves performance of audit query for budgets on secure
  5. Stops dependent columns from being locked without also locking the controlling column
  6. Adds spacing to the top of the roll-up panel
  7. Redirects user to the specified URL after enabling single logout
  8. Improves speed of Import Actuals/POs on scalability account
  9. Improves performance of line item creation for specific configurations
  10. Deprecates support for Safari 8 and 7
  11. Fixes hierarchy icon in Approvals
  12. Fixes icon alignment for loading spinner in Details panel
  13. Improves error messaging and edit/delete column behavior in Column Settings
  14. Improves error messaging and add/delete column behavior in Column Settings
  15. Freezes the Name columns in Column Settings so it's visible even on horizontal scrolling
  16. Fixes an icon display issue when editing a calculation formula
  17. Improves styling of Filter option buttons
  18. Improves error messaging for moving a line item which contains custom columns
  19. Ensures placeholder import does not affect the order of line items and placeholders
  20. Improves undo operation when inputting currency values with tags
  21. Warns Owner when deleting a line item with a value in a locked column
  22. Hides the temporary “none” value that appears when a dropdown is loading
  23. Fixes resubmit lock which fails authorization check if first execution is done by inaccessible user
  24. Fixes budget search option when search criteria matches Grand Total
  25. Improves error messaging when invalid hostname is entered in the Workfront connector setup
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