Time is Money - Tips and Tricks


These tips and tricks will help you move around Allocadia in a smooth fashion while cutting time maneuvering the applications many functions. 

Choosing a Login Screen

      1. Click on your name in the top right corner of the screen and click on Edit Profile
      2. At the bottom, under Preferences you can choose your start page
      3. Click Save to finalize your alterations and they will commence following the next time you login

Copying Categories & Content

    1. Right-click on the item you would like to copy
    2. Go to the 'Copy Row' option and select your preferred choice (Structure Only, Structure and Attributes or Structure, Attributes and Cell Values)
    3. Right-click on your preferred destination and click Paste

Top-down Inputs

  1. Click on the Details Panel on the close right-hand side from the Line Item
  2. Input the details at the Sub-category level (every activity underneath it will inherit the same details and limit the number of inputs to one time only)

In-cell Calculations

Example: You are out-sourcing your monthly newsletter to an organization who will produce your content for a yearly fee of $150,000. Instead of manually calculating the cost, perform an in-cell calculation to reduce the solution to mere seconds.

  1. Locate the purple button, + line item, located in the middle-left of the screen and click to create a new Line Item 
  2. In the January Plan column, type the following, "=150000/12", meaning divide $150000 over 12 months to find your solution
  3. Click enter, then copy and paste the solution for the remaining months in their unique columns
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