Allocadia Release 79

Allocadia Release 79 - February 25, 2018

This release includes the following improvements:

  1. Activity Type Details Column
  2. Public API Enhancements
    • All Line Items EndPoint & Filtering

1. Activity Type Details Column

The Activity Type Details Column on the details panel is used for tagging line items with marketing activity type data, allowing us to track program spend. This pre-defined drop-down list taxonomy is based on marketing thought leaders, such as IDC, Sirius Decisions, and Gartner. This standard field provides meaning for all Allocadia users, as it allows for comparison of activity type data between organizations. 

With the use of this column, users will have access to anonymized industry-specific benchmarks on marketing activity spend. Allocadia can now help you answer questions such as how did this year's investment compare to last years or how does our investment mix compare to other companies of similar sizes and other similar insights can be derived from this new activity type column.

Next Steps: To use the Activity Type Details Column contact your CSM for more information.

All Line Items EndPoint & Filtering

All your data is now available in a single API endpoint with a single call to reach all Line Items. This enhancement includes a filtering capability on the endpoint allowing you to filter on parameters to reduce the size of the returned data and allow you to focus your search.



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