Product Release - December 2018

December 4th, 2018

Modern and Intuitive 'View Settings' tab:

  • Easily build your own view:
    • Search for columns and with a click of a button add it to your view
    • Drag and drop columns to the order you want
    • Keep track of how your view is shaping up
  • Get better visibility of your 'Metrics Panel'
  • Simply identify which is the 'Default View'


Check out this help center article.

Enhanced 'Currency Settings' page:

  • Easily define and identify local vs master currency imported
  • Simplify 'Exchange Rate' management
    • Add an 'Exchange Rate' per currency instead of one per 'Activity Plan'
    • Quickly adjust your 'Exchange Rates' per month
  • Dealing with multiple currencies? You can now search for a specific currency and easily add it to your view.


Check out this help center article.

Improved 'Activity Plan Import' workflow:

  • Gain efficiency with budget rollover with a streamlined 'export-edit-import' process
  • Get a clear view of the steps in the import workflow: "Upload File", "Map Fields", and "Review Import"
  • Sae time with a broaden matching criteria during the 'Map Fields' step
  • Improve success with better user feedback on errors


Check out this help center article.

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