Allocadia Packages (as of July 1, 2019)



Allocadia offers three different packages to fit your team’s marketing needs: Plan, Execute, and Optimize. These packages offer cumulative capabilities that will help you develop increasingly sophisticated marketing performance management practices.

  1. The PLAN (formerly Invest) package enables marketers to create and refine global marketing plans and budgets that align with company objectives


    Key wins
    1.Visibility into global investments & plans
    2.Alignment to company objectives and across marketing teams
    3.Consistency in taxonomy, metadata and data structure for future measurements


    Benefits: Top-down and bottom-up planning and budgeting; hierarchy and common taxonomy definition and permissions settings.

  2. The EXECUTE (formerly Align) package simplifies marketing spend and investment management and connects planning, budgeting and spend to program execution


    Key wins:
    1.Time-savings by simplifying financial management
    2.Stay on budget by tracking actual spend and shifting money around.
    3.Get an accurate “I”and set your organization up to measure ROI.


    Benefits: Everything in the Plan package plus financial data import (actual spend and PO); spend tracking against strategic targets and by campaign

  3. The OPTIMIZE package enables marketers to measure marketing performance and to optimize activities and investments to drive the best decisions


    Key wins:
    1.ROI measurement to understand marketing performance
    2.Confidence about where to invest next dollar
    3.Greater business impact by investing in high-performing activities


    Benefits: Everything in the Execute package plus connection with results data; ROI measurement in aggregated level as well as by campaign and Allocadia API access

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