[Expert Hours] Marketing Performance Management (MPM) Maturity Playbook

This month, Jef Cracklen was joined by two of our amazing Allocaidians - Sam Melnick, VP Market Insights and Growth, and Chris Dias, Senior Customer Success Manager - to discuss the new Marketing Performance Management Maturity Playbook. 

Organizations have dreams of clean data, visibility, global alignment, strategic alignment, ROI visibility, and performance agility. Those lofty goals are not achieved by trying to implement everything all at once. There are defined levels of achievement and levels of maturity within Marketing Performance Management.

The Marketing Performance Management (MPM) Maturity Playbook provides the guidance required to assess our current level of maturity, and identify the steps and provide guidance on how to continue to progress toward our goals.  Allocadia's Customer Success Managers partner with you to support you as you work through the playbook. Often an outside voice will help us be realistic and keep us accountable to our goals. 

Check out the video above to learn more about the MPM Maturity Playbook and how our customers are taking steps forward.

Start your own self-assessment by [clicking here].

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