How to Enable Budget Reallocations

Budget Reallocations enable marketers to be more agile and seamlessly request and track budget movement in, out and within their marketing plan. This intuitive functionality allows marketer to transfer budgets or make adjustments to spend with a transparent approval workflow process. For more details see What are Budget Reallocations.

Before Getting Started with Budget Reallocations

To be able to activate the Reallocation feature you must have access to the Master Settings. Additionally, you need to know the following:

  • For which levels in the hierarchy a transfer may be requested.
  • An assignment of which users are to be entered as approvers for which hierarchy level.

Be aware: Multiple users can be assigned as approvers per level, but if there are several approvers for a transfer side, confirming by one user is sufficient. For more details see What are Budget Reallocations.

There are no user permissions specific to ‘request a transfer’, as any user that has the ability to ‘Edit Line Items’, is able to request a transfer.

Accessing Budget Transfers

  1. On the Home tab, click on the Master settings
  2. On the left-hand side, under Workflow, click on Budget Transfers and select the Enable Budget Transfers Tab 


Note: Budget Reallocations can be enabled or disabled at various levels of the Hierarchy and the transfer/adjustment form can be customized to best align to your organization’s business processes.

Enabling Budget Transfers

  1. Simply select the checkbox next to the desired Folder, Sub-folders and Activity Plans to define which levels of the Hierarchy and the transfer/adjustment form can be customized to best align to your organization's business processes.
  2. Click the Save button to save your configuration settings. Once enabled, Users with editing permissions will have access to the new ‘Request a Transfer’ button in the Roll-up Panel.


Note: By selecting the checkbox at the Folder/Sub-Folder level, Budget Transfers will be automatically enabled for all child folders and Activity Plans within the selected Folder/Sub-folder.

Configuring Approvers

  1. Navigate to Set Approvers for Transfers and select the corresponding tab to define the Approvers
  2. Select the Hierarchy level where you would like to assign Approvers. You can assign more than one Approver
  3. From the list of Users under Set Approvers for Transfers tab, click the checkboxes next to their names to assign Approvers


Note: To define approvers for Budget Transfers, you must enable Budget Transfers at a specific level of Hierarchy.


Tip: Different Approvers can be assigned for every level in the Hierarchy. An Approver at a Folder level will be automatically set as the Approver for all Child Folders and Activity Plans within the parent folder.  Approvers will be notified by email for every request submitted for their designated folders.


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