Mapping Actuals and Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders and Actuals records are brought into Allocadia through system Imports which automatically Map the records to their corresponding Marketing Activities/Line Items. However, there may be times where an Import will not Map for several reasons, such as a potentially incorrect identifier. In those cases, you can manually Map the records to the correct Line item.

Marketers can view all unmapped PO’s/Actuals on one screen so that they can quickly Map all unmapped items.

You can also search for unmapped POs/Actuals using the search bar to locate financials by record numbers or other attributes/values found in POs/Actuals.


    1. From the “Import to Map” drop down list, select ‘Any’. This will load the full list of unmapped financials. Use Bulk Map options in combination of ‘Any’ view to map financials from different import dates
    2. Use the menu under the gear icon to show/hide columns to change the details displayed in the unmapped table grid
    3. Use the Search options to locate specific POs or Actuals
    4. Proceed with Mapping


  1. On the Home tab, select all rows that should be mapped in bulk by holding Ctrl/Command and single clicking the individual records
  2. Click Bulk Map ( ) *the number in brackets indicates how many records will be mapped to a single Line item.
  3. In the Bulk Map menu select the Activity Plan, Category and Line item the records are associated with
  4. Click Map at the bottom of menu

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