Un-Mapping Purchase Orders or Actuals

Mapping Purchase Orders (POs) and Actuals to their corresponding Activity is crucial for alignment and reporting.  When a PO or Actual has been mapped incorrectly, it will need to be un-mapped before it can be re-mapped correctly.  Un-mapping and re-mapping a PO or Actual can be done manually.

    1. On the Activity tab, locate the Activity with the PO or Actual that needs un-mapping and right click
    2. Select 'go to PO' or 'go to Actual'
    3. Select the PO or Actual that needs un-mapping and scroll to the far right 
    4. Click the un-map icon 



Note: When a record is un-mapped, any changes that had been made to the record will be lost.

Once un-mapped, the record will move to the un-mapped 'bucket' or Map column on the Home tab.

Now you can locate, view and re-map the record from the Map column.

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